Bed and Breakfast In Snowshoe WV - Elk River Inn And Restaurant
The Elk River Crew
Gil Willis
Gil is a native of Northern Virginia and first visited Pocahontas County in the fall 1977. Thinking that he would stay only for the winter he soon realized what a truly special place the region is. Gil started his business under the name the Willis�s farm which catered to skiers who needed lodging in 1980. He soon added Nordic skiing trails and services which the resort had discontinued. After finding his wife Mary they went year round in 1985 with a focus on mountain biking. In 1988 they built the Inn & Restaurant and have never looked back. Gil & Mary are recreational pioneers in the eastern US for over 30 years. From teaching skiing, fly fishing, cycling, snowboarding Gil continues to push the envelope and enjoy what originally landed him in West Virginia. He and his wife Mary have two sons Gus & Thurston who also enjoy his outdoor adventure pursuits.

Mary Willis
Mary's love for the outdoors and natural affinity for healthy minds and bodies has helped her to provide common sense advice & sustenance for the many guests that visit Elk River Touring Center. She acts as part time guide, innkeeper and restaurateur. The Restaurant at Elk River is nationally acclaimed as one of the best food establishments in the state and surrounding region. Mary is a self taught chef whose entrees are made from the freshest local ingredients when available. Desserts are her personal favorite which can complement a wonderful meal. She continues to make the Elk River experience one that is warm and inviting.

Ernestine Hannah
Guest Services
Ernie is the director of TLC and proud of it. She is a seasoned Pocahontas County local who grew up here in Pleasant valley. She knows a little bit about everything and everyone. Her local folklore has been passed down to her from grandparents and treasured relatives. You�ll meet Ernie at breakfast and she�ll get your coffee cup filled and tummy packed.

Greg Moore

Ski  & mountain bike tech, ski  instructor, mountain guide, all around trails and fixit guru. Greg is a native West Virginian who tries to spend all his work and free time in the outdoors. He is a  former pro mountain bike racer with several top finishes in state and nationally from 1995-2005. A true mountain man with a easy going disposition. He'll lead you around in the woods and be sure to get you home safe.

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